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Your furniture is a very special and costly to you. It’s something that you’d want to last you a very long time and to be the in the best condition even after that time. You don’t want to be doing any renovations in your home or business and have your furniture anywhere near it, because you can risk it getting damaged. That’s why we’re going to show you some of the steps you can take to help store and preserve the furniture that you’re going to have in storage for the duration of your renovation project.


  • You need to clean it and prepare it. Clean all the items you’re going to store away. Wipe all the pieces you can wipe and use all the appropriate other measures you have to use to clean the other pieces. After you’ve finished cleaning, you should let the furniture air dry in a well-ventilated area.


  • You need to disassemble your furniture to easily transport them. Well, you can only disassemble the pieces of furniture that can be disassembled. Remove table legs, bed planks, dresser draws and the couch cushions.


  • You need to cover them and protect them. Wrapping your stuff up in bubble wrap so that your fragile items remain safe. You should wrap things like pictures, mirrors, vases and even table legs. Try not to cover your wooden and fabric furniture with plastics and plastic packaging materials, because this may cause condensation and odors.


  • You need to strategically store your furniture. Be very careful with the way you store your furniture. You need to remember to space out your items so that air can freely pass around them and also so that they would be less likely to get damaged.



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