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As with all fixtures in and around your home, your fence is one which requires attention and maintenance. You need to ensure that you maintain your wooden fence panels so that they can last their full lifetime and so that they can look their best.


You don’t want to have an immaculate-looking home, with amazing aesthetic value in itself, with a fence that looks like it should have been replaced since 1892. That’s why you should pay attention to these key maintenance tips.


Do some damage repair:
– If you have any panels that are damaged by splitting or rotting, you need to remove them and replace them. This is one of the best advantages of having a wooden fence. It makes repairs much easier, because you don’t have to remove the whole fence, you can just remove the damaged parts and replace them with brand new pieces.

– Repair may also mean that a panel that looks worn out can simply be repainted to match the rest of the fence.


Do some staining and sealing:
– The elements can do major damage to your wooden panels, so sealing them is a good idea.

– By staining the panels, you can add a bit of color to them, while they still retain that natural look.

– You should try to reseal at least every two years if you live in an area that’s very moist.

– Remember to stain and seal – don’t just pick one. Even though stains can act as a sealer in some cases, the better plan is to ensure that you do both, just in case.


Do some termite prevention work:
– The type of wood used for your fence panels may be exceptionally susceptible to infestation from these critters, if they are softwoods like cedar, pine and fir.

– You can use a natural insecticide like Borax for your own DIY extermination or you can call a professional to get the job done for you.


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