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If you’re thinking about doing some painting in your home, with the use of spray paint and you need a better idea of how to do that properly and for the best results, we can help. We’ve got some great tips for you.


You need to…


  • Read the instructions: Don’t just start spraying. Read the directions on the can of spray. You’ll be enlightened on the best way to use the item, thus resulting in the best results.


  • Pattern test: Do a trial on something else (like a piece of plywood), before you decide to spray the actual object. You can then adjust and align the way you spray the can to your liking.


  • Don’t point the can: Aim the can and sweep it vertically and horizontally as you spray.


  • Use a large cloth to catch the drops: A large cloth or plastic will be a better option to catch the paint drops than newspapers and other such items.


  • Set up the item you’re painting high up: The best idea is to place your item up on a height, so that you won’t have to bend over in order to get all around it.


  • Get a handle: It’s much more likely that you’ll get a better result when you use an aftermarket spray can handle, than when you hold onto the naked spray can.


  • Turn small objects: If you’re spraying a small object, you can place the object on a plank or some sort of easily moveable platform, and then rotate the object while spraying to get the best results.


  • Try a wet coating: Lightly spray the object with the first coat of paint and then re-spray it with a second coat of paint until it is completely covered with wet paint. You can achieve a flawless, smooth coating by using this method. Try it out on a test object first, though.


  • Start smooth and finish smooth: Ensure that you thoroughly smooth out the object that you want to paint. You may need to sand it and prime it before you start spray painting it. This will ensure that your finished product looks shiny and professional.


  • Be careful: Remember to always wear protective gear, like a respirator (not a dust mask) and make sure that where you are working is properly ventilated.



Keep these tips in mind so that you can properly do your spray painting. If you are looking for Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations in Ottawa then you have come to the right place and we can help you with all of your home improvement and contracting needs with our skilled renovation contractors in Ottawa. We start with an inspection and a free estimate for your home renovation and improvement. Manning Maintenance & Renovations takes pride in providing clients with expert advice throughout the entire construction phase.