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There are endless reasons why shelves are important to a home, business or a working space. You know the reasons and so do we. You can have them in the living room, in the attic, in the basement and even in the bathroom. They are great for saving space, storing things, decorating and more.


There are various types of shelving systems that you can choose to use. We’ll show you what they are:


  • Fixed Bracket Type Shelving Systems: These shelves are made from individual brackets, which can be used as stand-alone systems or along with other brackets, to form a multi-unit shelving system.


  • Built-in Shelving Systems: These shelving systems are the simplest kinds. They are fitted within the corners and crevices of your home and they are usually just “a single plank of wood fixed horizontally over an opening in a wall”.


  • Floating Shelving Systems: These shelving systems, like their name implies, seem to float. They look like they’re unattached to screws and hinges and they are sometimes referred to as torsion-box shelves.


  • Corner Shelving Systems: These systems help you to maximize storage without using up too much space by making use of those hard-to-reach corners in a room. They can be based from the floor or hung from the wall and they are great from putting items on display or storing them.


  • Top Hung Storage Shelving Systems: Many times, these types of shelving systems are used in classrooms or store rooms to both store things and display them. They are usually mounted on the wall by metal sections.


  • Free Standing Shelving Systems: These are shelves that are mobile and can be moved to anywhere that can accommodate them. You can get them in different colors, sizes, materials and designs.



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